Dark legend of war
Dark legend of war

Dark legend of war is a fantastic game, which is both an adventure and an action at the same time. In this game for boys the character will run and shoot with different types of weapons: pistol, pistols, m16. It has to do with many enigmatic enemies, evil bosses, tanks and planes. But the only way to survive is your ability to run fast and shoot accurately, before the enemies attack the stickman. Like other action games, you will be taken to the fantastic world of adventure and war.

Main features of Dark legend of war: adventure shooting games:
1) You will encounter more than 10 different action game levels from each other. Each subsequent level is more difficult than the previous one. It will be more difficult to shoot and the enemies will be stronger;
2) Dark legend of war has brilliant graphics, with a simple and intuitive interface, so that even kids can play the shooting game;
3) Our adventure game can be downloaded for free. Free games for boys are a blessing for when you're bored and you want to play a fantastic action game;
4) Dark legend of war - game without Internet! So you will enjoy this adventure everywhere, because this game is without wifi.