Fiat 2000

Heavy tank of the Kingdom of Italy (1917) - 2 built
The Kingdom of Italy fought on the side of the allied powers of France and Great Britain in the First World War, declaring war against the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria and Germany in August 1915, October 1915 and August 1916 respectively. Their battlefields were mostly different from the covered battlefields of the open trenches of northern France and Belgium, however. In addition to the plains of the north-east, most of northern Italy is a rugged mountainous country and Italy's war on the northern border was one of the most brutal of a very brutal war. Any tank for Italian use should not only satisfy the need to fight in very mountainous terrain, but also in colonial wars in Africa. The British had already deployed tanks in the First World War and so had the French. France's use of the Renault FT had been witnessed by Italian observers in 1917, and tanks were the crucial element that was helping the British to advance in France. As a result, investigations were made to obtain a number of both Renault FT and Schneider CA1 tanks directed from France.

Specifiche Fiat 2000

Dimensioni7.4mx 3.1mx 3.8m

Peso totale, battaglia pronta40,000kg

equipaggio8 a 10

PropulsioneMotore a benzina Fiat A-12 6 cilindri 250hp

SospensioneCarrelli sospesi

Velocità (strada) 7,5 chilometri all'ora

Gamma 75 km

Armamento1 obice da montagna da 65 mm e fino a 8 mitragliatrici Fiat da 6,5 ​​mm (M.1917), 1 obice da montagna da 65 mm, 2 mitragliatrici anticarro da 37 mm e 4 mitragliatrici (M.1924)


Produzione totale2 nel 1917-1918